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Todays electronic access management systems have to go beyond simply locking and unlocking doors, as businesses and private Homes need a security solution that can give one the control and information to run them more efficiently. Technology has made it possible for security companies to pro-actively engage electronic security features to benefit any business, no matter what size.

The benefits are enormous for companies, industrial sites, farms and private houses, as tracking and deterring of individuals through the organization can take place, certain sensitive areas can be totally restricted, a safer working environment is provided, one can avoid expensive re-keying when employee leaves, auditing and time and attendance features are provided and remote control access to thousands of facilities through just one interface is achieved.

Access to certain restricted areas is sometimes controlled by an electronic card access system. In order to enter this area one must have an identification card which has been registered in the system. Are you eligible for access? There is a slot with a mag-stripe reader inside and an indicator light which is red in standby mode. The ID card is then swiped from top to bottom and if the card is indeed valid, the indicator light will turn green and one can hear a click which is an indication that the door is ready to be opened. If the card is invalid, an indicator light turns green/red several times which means that the card is not authorized to enter that particular area.

Reporters and journalists need to gain access to government databases as government is placing more and more information on line, but they provide only a Home page, allowing only certain individuals to gain access by using the proper programming codes and language. Likewise, in hospitals, where previously it took hours to days to access charts for an in-house patient when the medical records department was closed; now, chart audits and other important statistics on the patients medical history can be accessed electronically and immediately when lives are in danger and the need no longer exists to call nursing staff out in the middle of the night to access these charts. Electronic access is at ones fingertips!

Keyless electronic locks give managers of hotels greater access control for guests as well as employees as they are designed for easy use and are resistant to vandalism. These electronic locks are capable of storing the last 300 swipes which is effective for auditing purposes. Access to the locks internal mechanisms and electronics are accessible from the room side only. A data transfer unit offers the hotel a lock program and interrogation system which, once set up, all the information required to program the hotel, for instance, or any other property, can be downloaded to the data transfer unit, which includes information on all doors of guest rooms, storerooms, leisure facilities and conference facilities. This makes it possible to zero-in on problems involving invalid cards and data corruption.