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Physical security cover means measures that prevent or deter attackers from gaining entry to any facility or resource. When electronic fences were first developed, the idea was to restrict animal movement, but with the local criminal modus operandi, it has became an overriding necessity to install correctly fitted electronic fences, thus minimizing the chances of criminals entering the premises, let alone making a quick get away.

Wires are fitted on insulators and are powered by an energizer which is capable of giving the would be thief a most uncomfortable Shock. There are those that wish it were more than just an uncomfortable Shock! The transformer converts power to the person tampering with the fence but will not kill as the system is designed to allow the power to work on and off on a continuous basis; but the power is enough to deter anyone trying to enter. If somebody tries to cut the wires, an alarm will go off as a warning, which usually means the person has not yet entered the premises, giving people in the area time to re-act.

Most electric fences come with an alarm. As with all security fences and gates, when it comes to a life-saving device it is best not to try and save money by going for cheap sub-standard equipment as this leads to frequent replacing and your equipment being inactive while being repaired. Good advice is to use your electronic fence or wall to advertise the security measures you have in place. Most security companies provide a metal board stating that premises are protected by them. Visible security is a definite deterrent. Making sure that your premises are well illuminated at night can be an added security measure.

Electronic fencing is not only used exclusively for private Homes and business properties. Ships are known to have a 9000 volt electronic fence installed to keep out intruders as well as to prevent pirate attacks. Stowaways will find it difficult to by-pass such a voltage.

Pets, like dogs as well as horses and wild life are well restrained within the boundaries of an enclosure or park with electronic fencing, and once they have been exposed to the Shock, the fence actually becomes a psychological deterrent. Underground fencing, known as invisible fencing, is more effective for smaller animals such as dogs and cats and this is where the wiring is placed underground and the animal's collar responds to that wiring.

With the increase of crimes against children and youth in schools, which includes kidnappings and paedophilia, more and more parents are becoming alarmed at the fact that this once safe place of learning for young people is now becoming a breeding place for abuse and other crimes. Nursery schools as well as schools for primary and high school children are having to spend thousands of rands to secure the safety of their pupils and educators by installing electronic fences as a means of keeping these elements out.