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Crime is rife and one resorts to the simplest means to protect your premises and possessions by installing high steel fences around the property. The electronic gate access would be the next option, however one can bear in mind that an existing manual gate can be adapted and utilized to have electronic openers attached to them.

A sense of relief will come knowing that your children and pets will no longer be able to access the busy road but are safe behind closed gates. In rural areas, farmers can protect their live-stock from stock thieves by the installation of a sturdy electronic fence and gate system. For a driveway entrance it would be wiser to opt for the sliding gate whereas the in-and-out garden gate would be best suited to the swing gate variety. The advantage to electronic gate access is that unwanted callers are kept out, and by using audio communications you can ask the callers to identify themselves before allowing entry.

One does not have to have a hawker or beggar coming right up to your front door but in the event of illness, where you require such a service, pushbuttons with a timer allow access. Security cameras can be installed to provide added security. Make sure that experienced people are hired for the installation as in recent years there has been such an explosive growth in fence and gate trade because of the crime rate, that all sorts of ''jumping on the bandwagon'' businesses have sprung up that are not able to deliver an effective service.

Electronic gates also act as a deterrent to burglars as they close automatically; gates that are opened and closed manually sometimes become just too much effort, and along with just being careless, the gate is left open, and the news on radio and television are constant reminders of what can happen in such cases. Most electronic gates have a release mechanism that allows the gate to be opened manually in the event of their being a power cut and that can be put back to remote mode once the power has been restored.

Property-wise, an electronic fence and gate system can only add value to your property, as security sense is top priority these days but at the same time enhancing the appearance of any Home.

When one lives in a cluster development scheme, the stream of residents and visitors going in and out means that the gate could be moving 250 times a day depending upon the amount of residents, living in the cluster, which puts pressure on the power supply, causing over-heating, then what started as a smooth operating device soon takes it toll on the wear of the wheels, the rail can become damaged and the gate no longer aligns with the catch brackets.

Preventative maintenance is imperative to ensure that electronic gate access, whether it be sliding or swing, is serving the all important purpose for which it was installed.