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What to know about gate automation?

With so many different companies offering gate automation in Gauteng let alone South Africa how can you be sure that you are using the right company. The benefits of having automated gates is that it is the simplest way to improve your the security of your Home. However with poor installation or quality products your gate automation system may turn into a nightmare instead of being an asset to the protection of your family and Home. It is important that you use a security company with experience within the industry as well as a company with a good reputation within the industry.

A reputable gate automation security company

Tandem Security is a security company that has been providing customers with effective and high quality security products for their properties for over a decade. Tandem Security solutions is a company that not only provides the services of gate automation but a range of security services including access control solutions, CCTV surveillance, electric fencing as well booms and card readers. Whether you are a businessman looking to secure the assets of your company or whether you are a concerned individual worrying about the safety of your Home Tandem Security has the right security solutions to suit your needs.

A security system that includes gate automation

When it comes to installing an intruder system at your residential or business property, assessing the risk of your property is the first step. There are several different products that can improve the security of your property and with the advances in technology and more affordable prices that are available you will be able to install a comprehensive security system for your property. A comprehensive security solution includes gate automation, an intruder alarm system, CCTV surveillance as well as an intercom system. With business properties a security solution could also include card readers to ensure that the right people are the only people that have access to the building.

The installation of fencing should be the first step to securing your property, this way you will be able to regulate the flow of visitors to your property through one central access point. Gate automation is a vital part of this step as well as electric fencing which ensures that your fencing gives your property added security features. You may be wondering what the importance of an automatic gate is but with this technology you are able to have more stringent control about the people that enter your property. With gate automation you are able to determine who the visitor is and the nature of their call before opening the gate via remote access. Other benefits of automatic gates include the fact that you will not need to alight from your vehicle to open or close the gate but can do so from the safety and convenience of your vehicle.

If you would like to find out more about the products and services that Tandem Security has to offer and how they can improve the security of your property contact Tandem Security today. With a wide range of services that includes gate automation you will never be disappointed either with the products or the services.