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Load shedding just has to be the latest buzz word in South Africa at the moment and power solutions are offered in abundance, providing most of us with even more confusion than anything else, but one thing is sure, a gate motor battery can help to see that you can still come and go as you please as well as making sure that your safety is not compromised and your security defenses remain up and running.

Automatic gates, from wooden to steel are all able to operate through power cuts. In a power cut situation the average gate motor battery application will easily run up to 3 weeks on a full charge. This is due to the low power required to operate the system. The battery is a sealed unit requiring no maintenance. On a fully charged battery you could have the gate work for an amazing 650 times.

  • How does the gate motor battery work?

The system works using a battery powered motor, which is fitted to the gate at the latch end.
This is fitted to the gate with moving brackets and provides and swift and reliable gate control. Most systems make use of a 12 volt maintenance free battery which is charged via a mains supply. For light industrial applications, systems are available that deliver the full current requirement of the motor.

In order to make the appropriate choice of a gate motor battery, one needs to establish the duration of power failures; look at general household situations and then critical supply situations.

  • What actually happens in a power cut when a back-up battery is available?

If your gate has a 12v operator equipped with backup battery, it ensures that the gate can be opened even in the event of a power failure and depending on the charge-state of the batteries at the time of the power failure you should be able to complete many cycles until power is returned.

Be sure to choose a professional gate contractor that will be able to answer all your questions regarding how in these days of darkness, your security is not jeopardized.