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SLIDING GATE POWER FAILURE – don't be a sitting duck

 "If they don't save and cut down, they will be hit with more power outages." , so says a mayoral spokesperson; but they're happening too frequently which means we have to make provision to ensure that slidinggate power failure doesn't catch us off-guard, trapping one outside ones premises and opening one up to attacks from unsavoury elements that relish the sight of a car in a sitting duck situation. A driveway gate is often a Home's first line of defense against burglary.

A sliding gate operator normally offers swift and reliable control but this is more often than not hampered by power cuts, and then what?

Sliding gate power failure needn't mean the end to your security source; there is thankfully a back up battery as a power source. The battery is charged via a mains supply. Gate automation is not simply a plug-and-slide process, in most instances, gate automation solutions need to be custom fitted to the entrance gate taking into account the sporadic availability of electricity and the size and operating characteristics of the gate. It is important to carefully select a reliable and reputable company to install the unit, so feel free to call Tandem Security who have answers for sliding gate power failure when no-one else does..

What happens in a power cut? How can the electric gates do their job? With a battery back-up included in the specification the openers would - depending on the model - open and close at half speed for a limited time, and if it goes on for a long time, and three days later the power is still non existent then sliding gates are normally equipped with key devices to disengage the motors to return them to manual operation. If you have a particularly heavy gate, it should be built with a battery back up system that will open the gate if the electricity fails and keep it open until until the power is restored.

Tandem Security believe in the value of quality; providing a sliding gate power failure service that satisfies all the needs and wishes of customers, before and after power cuts.