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Gate Motors

Tandem Security Supplies And Installs Gate Motors

Tandem Security supplies, installs and services gate motors. Both swinging and sliding gate motors are available, depending on the type of application. A sliding gate requires an even section along the fence or wall that is at least as long as the gate itself in order for it to open fully. If the requisite space is not available, a single or two swinging gates may have to be used.

South Africa’s crime rate is very high and it is no longer safe to get out of your vehicle to open your gate, especially at night. Remotely controlled gates have become standard equipment at all security complexes and at many homes. These gates are usually opened using a remote control or a keypad at the gate. The sliding gate is the simplest type: the gate motor turns a pinion that runs on a rack that is attached to the gate. Where there is not enough space to accommodate the sliding gate, a swinging gate (or two) may be installed. The gate motors are different and arms are attached to them and to the gate, swinging it open. Where aesthetics are very important, a gate motor may be mounted out of sight, underground, but due care should be taken that the motor is adequately protected against water ingress.

We supply leading brand names like Centurion, Vector and Gemini. The Centurion D5 is a popular sliding gate model for home use, featuring an anti-crush facility, accurate positioning and smooth acceleration and deceleration when setting off and stopping. It also has battery backup and will work for several opening and closing cycles on battery power alone, if there is a power failure. It can also be disconnected, to allow the gate to be operated manually. Heavy-duty, industrial models are offered too.

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