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PALISADE FENCING – a foreboding barrier

Security fencing is an absolute prerequisite in out crime-ridden society and palisade fencing is a formidable barrier and an effective deterrent to intruders. While it is often used for high security situations, it is also suitable for areas where a robust fence is necessary as a safety measure. It is much more resistant to wind, simply because the gaps in between allow wind to pass through it, making it almost impossible for heavy storms to knock the palisade fencing over.

These fences are used for barrier systems for Home and industrial applications and are made from a material that offers superior corrosion resistance and superior strength. Selecting a security fence from the right type of steel makes a big difference to the amount of maintenance required, to keep the fence free of rust and to keep it looking attractive.

Palisade is a component system which is assembled on site by either bolting or riveting vertical pales to horizontal rails. This allows the fence to follow the contours of the sloping ground and once installed is supremely rigid.

S teel Palisade head types:

  • plain head
  • rounded or rounded & notched
  • Triple head or triple pointed
  • splayed
  • rounded head

Golf Estates are huge proponents of palisade fencing, and security within these estate is regarded as top priority, with the external boundaries secured with this high-tech electrified fencing.

From the triple pointed top to the round head, each top complements a particular requirement to meet a perceived level of security risk.

Resistance to climbing:

Palisade fencing has no helpful projections and the two horizontal rails are spaced widely apart and the gaps between the pales are small, with no convenient holds to sustain an attempt to scale the fence.

Palisade fencing also makes provision for the installation of other deterrent systems such as barbed wire, electronic or CCTV surveillance systems which can also be deployed where maximum security is needed.

Tandem Security is all about quality of materials and workmanship and their success is built on a solid reputation with their clients.