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PERIMETER SECURITY – an imposing deterrent

Reported crime levels continue to increase, resulting in a significant demand for more stringent measures to safeguard premises from intruders, and entry barriers such as barbed wire are much in evidence, but perimeter security has now been accepted as the main line of perimeter defense for many Homes and companies. The first line of defense in any high perimeter security solution has to be to secure the perimeter with appropriate fencing and access control, as there is little point in installing the best detection and monitoring systems when the infrastructure isn't solid.

  • the fence structure: close mesh is virtually impossible to climb. The close mesh also means that the fence is very difficult to cut with anything but power tools, making it more secure than ever. Attractive and robust
  • there must be other perimeter defenses such as lighting and alarms
  • the gates must be strong and foreboding to complement the fence

Physical barriers are designed to delay an intruder and perimeter security can take a few seconds to defeat, so every second of delay increases an intruder's chance of detection.

If a physical barrier forces an intruder to bring tools such as cutting tools and ladders, then the systems in place will have largely achieved its purpose already.

  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

A perimeter system will typically contain Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), designed to provide a view of all parts of the perimeter and other key areas within a facility and these systems should be flexible enough to provide a view of more than one area of the fence line being approached.

  • Electrifying fencing

A basic non-lethal electric fence uses a low voltage current to administer a substantial jolt of electricity to any potential intruder who touches the fence. High voltage, high frequency electric fences can deliver a lethal Shock.

Tandem Security has vast experience, accumulated over years of combined knowledge which has been invested in safeguarding our properties, and their products provide a range of effective, reliable, state-of-the art perimeter security systems for Home or business.