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Safety fencing

Any additional measures that you can take to protect your property and the lives of those who live or work there should be taken with the current high crime rates in South Africa. People living in Gauteng are especially at risk for hijackings and armed robberies. Alarm systems, intercoms, cameras and access control gates should form part of your security. Safety fencing however, should form you first line of defence against possible intruders.

Once the intruders are on your property, your life is at risk. It is thus extremely important to keep them from entering without you knowing. The unpleasant surprise of an armed robber in your living room is not something that anyone should go through. By taking extra precautions through safety fencing as provided by Tandem Security, you place an additional obstacle in the path of criminals.

Once you have erected safety fencing around the property, you can move around on your property with more peace of mind. Although no measure seems to be full proof, electrical fences help to reduce the risk of robberies, break-ins and assaults.

Once you have counted the cost of high insurance rates, you will agree that the initial capital lay-out on the erection of safety fencing is worth your while. Not only will you pay lower insurance premiums when you have a proper electrical fence around your property, but you will also be able to qualify for discounts for not claiming since the electrical fences reduce the risk of theft considerably.

Thieves and criminals are more likely to choose the path of the least resistance. Rather than risking injury and being caught when they try to tamper with the safety fencing or climb over the structure at your Home, they will first try to enter a premise with less security. Apart from this, the alarms connected to the electrical fence warn you of any tampering attempts or people trying to climb over the structure. This ensures that you get enough time to take action or for the armed response unit to arrive at the scene.

The safety fencing provided by Tandem Security has several built-in electric fencing features to effectively prevent unnoticed intrusion of your property. This includes:

  • Highest voltage settings to prevent intrusion.
  • Alarm system connected to the fence to warn you of tampering attempts.
  • Correct installation is guaranteed because the technicians of Tandem Security are well trained.
  • High quality energizers, brackets, wire and steel are used.
  • Correct installation prevents false alarms.
  • The alarm can also be connected to an armed response service to help monitor the premise when you are not there and to ensure fast assistance.
  • The structure of the safety fencing is extremely stable and durable.
  • Several options are available to suit your requirements.

Tandem Security provides on top of wall energized safety fencing and free standing electrical fences which come in three standard heights according to the client needs. The free standing fences are constructed onsite and energized throughout. This type of fence is ideally suited for farms, government premises, high security offices, and around residential developments. The top of wall fences are very popular in residential areas because most people in South Africa already have some kind of fencing around their property, but need added security. This type also has the benefit of being out of reach for children and animals.

The safety feature of high voltage with low intermittent amps ensures that even when a child accidentally touches the fence, he or she will not be permanently harmed. The voltage however, is still high enough to deter criminals from jumping the fence.

Tandem Security is the perfect partner for your safety fencing needs. We are a reputable Pretoria based company and have a track record of success and high standards reaching back to 1997. If you stay in the Pretoria area, you can benefit from our installation expertise, whilst those who live in other parts of the country can order the products online. Don’t play with the safety and security of your family and workers. Contact us now for an obligation free quote.