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Secure fencing

In a country where crime is part of our daily lives, no-one needs to be reminded about the need for adequate security. Secure fencing is the first barrier to your property whether it is an office, game farm, factory, complex or residential house. When it comes to secure fencing however, people don’t always make the right choices.

The misconception of a high wall or palisade fence being enough of a deterrent has cost many people dearly. You need more than a wall or palisade, you need an electrical fence, access controlled gates with an intercom system, and alarms to warn you of possible tampering with the electrical fence system.

Frequently asked questions about secure fencing are answered below to help you make an informed decision about the protection of your property.

Why not just use barb wire instead of electrical fences?

Energized or electrical fences are easier to erect or install and maintain than barb wire and are also safer for both humans and animals. Animals quickly learn to stay away from the fence and if they accidentally lean against the fence, they will not be permanently harmed.

How safe is the electrical or energized fence for children and animals?

Although the highest possible voltage level is used to effectively deter criminals from entering the premise, the current Amp level is extremely low and intermittent. This means that you will not be electrocuted to such an extent that hospitalization is required. You can also opt for top of wall or top of palisade energized fences. This ensures that the children and animals cannot reach the secure fencing.

What about power lines underground?

The energized fences installed by Tandem Security will not interfere with power or telephone lines. We make sure that we install the system an adequate distance from phone and power lines.

What about false alarms?

If correctly installed, trees and other items will not influence the reliability of the alarm.

What about costs?

When you consider the value of your property and life, the initial capital lay-out is worth your while. The energized fences will also contribute to lower monthly premiums on household content insurance and Home owners insurance rates. Since the risk of break-in and theft is considerably reduced, you may also benefit from no-claims bonuses from your insurer. Electrical fence erection is more cost effective than twisted and barb wire and definitely less expensive than high walls. If you have already erected a wall or palisade, you can install top of the wall energized fences at an affordable rate.

If you are concerned about the reliability of the energized fences, you should speak to one of the Tandem Security consultants. With more than ten years experience in the industry, our consultants and installation technicians are able to address any concerns. The two main types of secure fencing provided by Tandem Security are:

Top of wall energized fences which provide secure fencing on top of already constructed walls or palisade fences. These fences are popular in residential areas.

Free standing electrical fences which come in three heights according to your specific needs and the premise requirements. This type of fence is constructed onsite and is energized throughout. Game farms, government properties, small holdings, and factories prefer this type of fence.

Several factors contribute to the efficiency of the electrical fences supplied and erected by Tandem Security:

  • Highest voltage setting is used to create an effective deterrent to prevent the unlawful entrance of a premise.
  • The electrical fences are connected to an alarm inside the property to warn of possible intruders or tampering with the system.
  • The alarm can be connected to a 24 hour armed response service to help monitor the property when no one is there.
  • Only the highest quality steel and products are used.
  • The alarm connected to the electrical fence can operate as a separate unit or be routed through the existing alarm system of the property.
  • A strobe light can be connected to the alarm to warn you of intruders and tampering before entering the premise.
  • Correct installation ensures the minimization of false alarms.
  • Get peace of mind through secure fencing to help keep intruders at arms length. Contact Tandem Security for an obligation free quote and advice on the most suitable fence for your requirements.