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Security fences

If you are concerned about the safety of your belongings and your loved ones, you should consider the erection of security fences around your property. Aggravated robberies and break-ins in residential areas, especially in Gauteng, have increased tremendously in the past year. Your first line of defence against these criminal onslaughts is through security fences.

It should however, also be noted that the structures are only as good as their weakest links. This is why it is important to erect high quality security fences. Tandem Security, one of the leading manufacturers and installers of security fences in Gauteng, and in particular the Pretoria area, provides high quality and extremely reliable electric fences.

The electric security fences are most often used at:

  • Private properties
  • Factories
  • Complexes
  • Government properties
  • Corporate office parks.

The Tandem structures comply with strict safety standards and quality control measures:

  • The structures are stable and strong enough to keep criminals out.
  • The voltage levels are set as high as possible to deter intruders from entering the premise
  • An alarm is fitted to ensure early warning of tampering attempts. This also scares the intruders off.
  • The alarm can be linked to an armed response service with the benefit of fast assistance when needed.

You benefit in the following ways from the high quality workmanship and correct installation and erection of the electric structures by Tandem Security:

  • Prevention of false alarms which can cause the armed response unit to visit the premise unnecessary and cause additional costs for the call out.
  • Since false alarms are reduced, you will have more confidence in the system and will not mistake the alarm for tampering as just branches touching the structure.
  • The structure provides a strong barrier between criminals and your property.
  • Any tampering will lead to the sounding of the alarm.
  • The high voltage used in combination with low AMPS ensures that the structure is safe for humans and animals and thus prevents accidental deaths.
  • The high voltage is enough to deter intruders.
  • Definite electrification of the structure ensures proper protection.

Although the structure is not a full proof defence mechanism, it does serve as a barrier and makes it difficult to enter the premise or to jump over the structure after a break-in attempt. Once the property is enclosed by electric security fences, you can have more peace of mind when you walk around on the premise.

Walls without additional security do not deter criminals. Barb wire, other wired structures and even palisade cannot provide the same level of protection. Alarms attached to the system, can also be connected to a strobe light on your house. The strobe light serves as an indication of tampering or attempts to get over the structure. This is also helpful when you come Home late at night. Rather than being caught off guard, you will be able notice break-in attempts immediately and refrain from entering the premise. The light will keep on flashing until you turn it off. This reduces the chances of criminals waiting inside your house or in the garden for you to return.

Two types of electric security fences are offered according to the client’s specific needs:

  • Wall top
  • The electric wiring and energizers are placed on top of a wall or palisade structure. This is ideal for corporate office parks, complexes, and private Homes.
  • Free standing structures
  • The range for free standing structures includes 1.8m, 2.1m and 2.4m heights. The whole structure serves as a barrier. This type of structure is normally used around developments, game farms, and around government offices or parks.
  • With more than ten years experience in the provision and installation of equipment to secure properties, and a reputation for quality workmanship, Tandem Security should be your first choice when you require the installation of high quality security fences. Contact us now to obtain an obligation free quote.