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Security Gates

South Africans and in particular, people living in Gauteng, are extremely aware of the need for adequate protection and safe guarding against intruders. Security Gates form part of the first line of defense against unwanted visitors and lurking criminals.

Since 85% of all hijackings in South Africa occur near the Home and at the driveways of Homes, it becomes vital to install reliable Security Gates. Once you are near your house, and have assessed the safety situation, the Security Gates can be opened with a remote before you drive unto the driveway. If you need to get out of the vehicle to open the gate the risk of being attacked or hijacked increases.

Security Gates as supplied by the leading manufacturer and installer of high quality, durable, safe and reliable products in and around Pretoria, Tandem Security, provide the additional measures to counter attacks and hijackings at the entrance to your property.

Tandem Security with more than a decade’s experience in the manufacturing and installation of safety products provides a professional service and a wide range of products to suit your particular safety requirements. The company also installs Security Gates at:

  • Complexes
  • Government offices
  • Corporate office parks
  • Factories
  • Farms or small holdings around Pretoria

A wide range of Security Gates, access control devices, and motors are available to fit the requirements of the client’s premise. All the products are manufactured according to strict quality control measures and standards and only the best quality gate motors are used to ensure that the sliding or swing gates open and close as required.

The Security Gates are manufactured by Tandem Security with special attention to the smooth sliding action and safety features to ensure that the gates are stable, cannot be lifted, or forced of the sliding line. Pedestrian gates are equally sturdy and contain a secure lock system.

If you install electric fencing, the top end of the pedestrian entrance will have an electric fence as part of the gate. The gate itself opens while the electric fence is attached to it. This ensures the safety of guests. Since the pedestrian entrance itself is not electrified, the gate can be handled manually.

Additional safeguarding is obtained through an intercom system or bell, which provides the privacy and access control you require, whilst allowing free and easy access to friends and family members.

The third component to the high quality Security Gates are the motors. Only the best will do to safeguard your life and property. It is for this reason that we only make use of Gemini or Centurion motors for the opening and closing of the Security Gates. The backup batteries of these motors allow full operation of the gates when a power failure occurs for up to 72 hours. This ensures that you are safe even when there is no power. This also has the added safety benefit of full security even when criminals cut power to Homes in a residential area.

For added safety, infra red beams are installed to ensure that the gates to not close on a vehicle entering or exiting the premise. This is also particularly important for the safety of your children and guests to prevent accidental crushing of a person.

We also handle the installation of the Security Gates. This holds several advantages including:

  • Preventing criminals from presenting themselves as experts while they gain access to your codes.
  • You know that we guarantee our installation and products.
  • Professionalism and safe installation are provided.

Depending on your needs and the premise, we offer a wide range of gates and motors for instance, swing and slide gate setups and motors accordingly. We also provide double gate setup systems. Since the safety and functionality depend on the premise, we only provide official quotes once we have inspected the premise. Our fast service delivery, combined with the high quality of workmanship and functionality of our products, make us one of the top manufacturers and installers of Security Gates in Gauteng. Contact us now to obtain an obligation free quote according to your needs.