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With so many hijackings taking place in driveways, it has become imperative to focus on ways to enter ones private property or workplace in a quick but safe manner, as a hazardous situation can arise while one is using up time trying to unlock a manual gate. As soon as a vehicle has driven through a sliding gate access, the gate should close quickly, and it is for that reason that some manufacturers have developed motor units that are able to drive the mechanism at an operational speed of 8 – 10 seconds. It is therefore important to choose an established company to install your gate, as it is important to know where the gates, equipment, wiring etc will be placed as well as the style of the gate for one to approve before manufacturing takes place.

Unfortunately premises making use of sliding gates are sometimes not aware that the safety mechanisms, such as safety beams and anti-crushing that are built into the motor to make it safe, are the very same mechanisms that make it easy for the intruder to physically obstruct the gate, allowing criminals free entry. There are sliding gates that will reverse if there is an obstacle in its path.

Installing a gate therefore, and choosing the right motor is actually made very difficult as one has to consider the safety factors of the gate against the ever-increasing security requirements, not to mention commercial premises where the gate motor has to take undue wear and tear and stands the chances of over-heating, so the physical mass of the gate must determine the strength and size of the operator gearbox. An advantage to the sliding gate at such premises is they maximize the driveway space that can be used for parking. Sliding gates need to have suitable end stops which can withstand the full impact of the gate opening and closing. It should also be able to slide smoothly, bearing in mind that gates are travelling long distances per day and the rolling devices are very important. because in the event of a lightning strike and power failure, one should be able to slide the gate open manually with relative ease.

The balance of a slide gate is important too and the vertical balance with the top guide rollers must be balanced horizontally so that it opens and closes with equal force. The gates must not move out of alignment under strain or frequent use. Sliding gate access automation needs to be custom fitted to the sliding gate, taking into account the availability of the electrical supply as well as the characteristics of the gate.

Sliding gate access has the added advantage of a remote control using a coded transmitter which allows the gate to be opened electronically when the vehicle is still some distance away from the gate, thus avoiding the situation of waiting for the gate to open and giving hijackers the opportunity to pounce. Visitors to these premises can make use of the audio communication system, usually at the entrance, to identify themselves.