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CCTV Cameras For Extra Security

You don’t have eyes in the back of your head but Tandem Security will give you an extra pair of eyes for inside your home. With the help of CCTV cameras you can keep an eye on all that is happening in and around your home. With CCTV cameras installed outside your garage you can see if anyone suspicious lurking outside the garage before you reverse out onto the road. CCTV cameras outside your home and monitors on the inside you can see just who is ringing your gate bell before you let them in.

Tandem Security have been in the security business for over 12 years and has over the years developed top rate security systems that are guaranteed to provide you with security and peace of mind. Our CCTV cameras are ideal for both the domestic and corporate market and range from the basic domestic single camera and monitor type installation all the way through to the state-of-the-art high tech, multi-camera and monitor systems used for offices and factories. One of our specialities is providing infrared CCTV cameras that will help with security monitoring at night. An infrared camera uses infrared light instead of the regular lighting spectrum in order to produce better images in complete darkness or low light conditions.  Night vision cameras only record in black and white, but some will record in colour during the day. These cameras are of a high enough quality to be able to see and record clearly in the dark and in areas of low light. These cameras are essential for both domestic households and businesses where security is of utmost importance. The camera or cameras are installed at the security gate or above garages and the TV monitor is inside the house.  Businesses can use a far more sophisticated camera and monitor system that allows them to observe a larger area.

Tandem Security is dedicated to helping you improve your security. We are suppliers of all security products –from CCTV cameras through to electric fences, access control systems, as well as garage and gate automation. Contact Tandem Security and sleep easier at night.

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