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    Our clients must realize that our company does everything in our power to keep our staff and clients safe against virus infections. The security situation in South Africa changed dramatically recently. Tandem Security Systems puts you in control of your own security. Property owners can have access to their CCTV system even when they are not at the premises. They will receive log in details with a protected password that can be changed. To integrate your own security is now possible. You can open your gate from your mobile phone while logging into your CCTV system live. If notification from your house alarm comes through on your mobile phone, you will be able to see if it was a false alarm or not. Depending on the level of the recording system, you can even receive push notifications with video clips or emails with footage of events causing the alarm. You can view events on the system when logged in, that was recorded on the hard drive. The size of the hard drive will determine how much info can be stored. Motion recording makes it possible to record only motion and save hard drive space.


    We can provide you with cost effective analog systems with infra-red cameras providing night vision. Should you need a clearer picture we offer IP systems with or without intelligent software to suit your needs. It is not necessary to look at the cameras permanently. The system can send notifications of unwanted access by intruders when choosing the correct hardware. We now install NVR’s with human detection. That means that the user can draw a detection line on the monitor. When dogs or cats enter the “block”, the system will ignore the animals. As soon as a child or adult enters the area, notification will be sent to the users that were set up. Some cameras can enable users to even communicate with the intruders from their cell phones when logged in. Our latest range NVR’s enable the user to identify vehicles as well as license plates to have better control over properties at competitive prices. There are companies offering a service to monitor the cameras all the time. We can do the necessary referrals. Should you only want to have a clear picture during the day or night, we can also assist.


    Even though there are many different CCTV systems to choose from in the market, they are basically divided into two major categories, IP and AHD. Today customers choose between variations of the two categories. As result of the tempo of new technology implemented in the new systems there are many old systems dumped on the South African market. Outdated equipment finds its way to the consumer at discounted prices.

    Tandem Security Systems offer CCTV solutions for the following:

    • Private houses; Remote viewing from a mobile phone can be set up.
    • Entrances to Corporate parks and Complexes. We can provide a saving on the number of guards needed.
    • Inside complexes. The management can view unauthorized movements.
    • Restaurants and retail shops. The profit margin increases when you control the staff.
    • If the owner can log into the production line, productivity rises dramatically.
    • Guest houses; It provides extra security and control over the premises.
    • The new IP cameras set new standards in the industry because of their superior quality and affordability. Intelligent software is now available on our NVR’s and our clients can monitor the premises themselves. Should you choose to outsource monitoring, it is easier because the monitoring company can then react on notifications to notify armed response only when necessary.
    • We provide our corporate clients and complexes with a RENTAL OPTION. They can pay the system off in 3 years and still have their savings in the bank.
    • Should a client choose to do the installation himself, we offer the systems in kit form on our basic systems. They don’t have to go to flea markets to purchase inferior products.

    Advantages of getting a professional company like Tandem Security Systems to do your installation:

    Consumers often only realize the true value of a security system after an incident has occurred. Using a surveillance system for detection of motion within a property is no longer an option. One needs to be able to detect and identify the intruder. Only then is the surveillance system of any real value.

    At Tandem Security Systems we have a passion for security. We understand the business of CCTV and we provide you an overall solution. We invest a great deal on staff development and we take care to ensure our workmanship is impeccable. Just about anyone can install a surveillance system, but it takes experience to do it professionally.

    Due to our experience in this industry we realize that one shoe does not fit all. One cannot go online and simply buy the cheapest system available. Aspects like resolution, angle, depth of field, storage capacity and remote capabilities need to be taken into account.

    After sales service plays a major part in the whole scheme of things. Even though our cameras carry a 3 year warranty (terms & conditions applies), one should remember a professionally installed product should run without a problem for many years to come. We often end up repairing what we call hit and run installations. It is especially in those times that we are reminded that the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of a low price is forgotten. We make sure that we use high quality cables, AND protect IT where exposed to elements and we do connections inside sealed junction boxes.

    Point Of Sale Overlay

    To enhance the effectiveness of cameras at till points, we integrate the cash register with the camera of each of the till points. The details appearing on the till slip is captured on the footage of each transaction for future reference.

    The shop owner can then see if articles are not scanned. The high resolution cameras are useful to see exactly what the petrol station attendants are doing while helping clients. It is also a handy tool to see every transaction in retail sales.

    If the client did not receive the correct change the footage will be sufficient evidence.

    Latest installations:

    • IP CCTV systems at TVET Colleges in Tshwane, including two blocks of workshops at Pretoria West as well as Head Office in Central Pretoria
    • Gas plant in Pretoria North. The guard can only see the inside and outside of the gate but management has footage of the whole plant.
    • A farm near Bela-Bela. The farmer is notified when intruders approach his perimeter fence.


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