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CCTV Security Cameras

What systems are available?

  • Entry level CCTV DIY kits bought from flea markets or cheap websites. Normally the picture quality looks good during the day. At night when you need it most, you can often only see a white spot in the middle of the screen. The buyers of these products think that they only want to have an idea of what is happening out there. The problem starts when something really happened and they have to see clearly. Even the cheapest cameras have infra- red that enables you to see in the dark. The saying what you pay is what you get is very true.
  • CIF resolution was popular a few years ago.
  • D1 Resolution DVR’s with high resolution cameras for home and corporate applications
  • Full 960H Resolution DVR’s which can record and play back at an even higher resolution
  • New Analog High Definition Systems. We now stock 1.3Mp cameras with a higher resolution. The 2Mp analog cameras will arrive soon.
  • HD-SDI DVR’s and cameras which is an affordable alternative to expensive IP cameras
  • Basic IP cameras 5 MP or higher resolution are available.
  • Advanced IP cameras with intelligent software for national key points and high security applications.

NEW! The new Analog High definition cameras have arrived. The resolution 720P and 1080P DVR’s can be connected to 1.3 or 2Mp cameras. Most of our cameras can be adjusted and offer handy features like backlight compensation and many more features. 

You can now upgrade your old analog system to high definition specification by replacing only the DVR and cameras. You can retain your well installed cables if it is still in good condition. Our cameras have a warranty of up to 3 years- terms and conditions apply.

Structure of a CCTV system

The most basic system has a cable that connects the camera to a monitor.  The footage can be viewed live but there is no recording. Tandem Security Systems install systems that consist of the following: DVR with a surveillance hard drive that enables you to view and record footage.

The DVR can be connected to a monitor or HD television screen to view the images. A power supply provides power to the cameras. The cameras are connected to the DVR by means of cables. Wireless connections are available where line of sight is possible. If a network cable connects the DVR to a router (With a ADSL/LTE/3G connection), the DVR can be viewed via internet.

Live footage of what is happening at your home or business can be viewed from your smartphone and/or personal computer at work after the correct setup. It is possible to have remote access to all the features of the DVR. You can now see that your children are safe or view incidents after you received an alarm at your house even when you are on holiday.

You can also make sure that it is safe to enter your premises. There are cameras available that looks like an alarm passive. The nanny will not know that you are watching how she treats your children while you are at work. (We can install cameras that looks like alarm passives) The free DDNS service ensures that you will stay connected.

Tandem Security Systems offer CCTV solutions for the following:

  • Private houses – To see if all is well after an alarm was triggered and to view incidents.
  • Entrances to Corporate parks and Complexes- Less guards will be needed. You will be able to view footage of incidents.
  • Inside complexes- to view unauthorized persons movements.
  • Restaurants and shops – Up to 20% profit increase are recorded after installing cameras.
  • Factories- The production increased after installing cameras. A factory owner has to see what is happening on his production line.
  • Guest houses- The number of guests booked in can be compared with booking records.
  • We also offer high quality DIY kits at discounted prices for clients that would like to install the systems themselves.

Advantages of getting a professional company like Tandem Security Systems to do your installation:

The positioning of the cameras is important. Careful planning will result in the optimizing of your investment.  You do not want to see wires where it could have been hidden. Exposed and unprotected cables will lead to bad picture quality after a few months. We use conduits and mounting boxes where necessary to protect and hide the connections leading to the cameras. The specifications of the system are very important.  You are welcome to ask us to explain the specifications to you.

When integrated with access control systems it becomes a powerful tool to enhance your security administration. Our advanced systems can be used as a platform to integrate different systems like cash registers, alarms, electric fences etc.

The systems are cost effective when you take into account that it will raise the profit margin of your company dramatically.

As part of our service we offer rental options to enable the business owner the opportunity to afford the high quality system that he really needs without putting his cash flow under pressure. Monthly payments as well as interest rates can be negotiated. These options are available for complexes and corporate businesses.

Point Of Sale Overlay

To enhance the effectiveness of cameras at till points, we integrate the cash register with the camera of each of the till points. The details appearing on the till slip is captured on the footage of each transaction for future reference.

The shop owner can then see if articles are not scanned. The high resolution cameras are useful to see exactly what the petrol station attendants are doing while helping clients. It is also a handy tool to see every transaction in retail sales.

If the client did not receive the correct change the footage will be sufficient evidence.