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Domestic CCTV Security Cameras

Application commonly used

  • Intercom system with a small black and white camera installed in the gate station and a video screen built into the handset in the house. These are functional but the picture quality is not very high.
  • Camera installed at a gate. It can be connected to a loose monitor inside the house (or television set) by means of a radio signal or a cable.
  • If more than one camera has to be installed, a quad splitter is used. Normally four cameras are used in this application. This installation consists of four individual cameras, a power supply, splitter unit and a monitor. The user is able to select the image to see one or more images at the same time. These systems are analog and are not able to record.
  • If the system above is sufficient but recording is needed, the quad splitter can be replaced by an embedded DVR. This digital system is slightly more expensive, but it has the facility to record and can be connected to the internet. It is easy to go back to a certain date and time and recordings can be set on movement only.
  • Cameras and CCTV equipment can be sold in DIY form



DIY Kits also available in 4, 8 and 16 cameras:

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