Durable Electric Fencing Solutions

Durable Electric Fencing Solutions to Keep You and Your Family Safe

If you’re searching for a durable security system that works, electric fencing might be the best security measure for you. Electric fencing is the first barrier of defence against possible intruders and acts as both a protector and a deterrent. Our fences send both a shock and an alarm when they’re tampered with and this two-fold system works to protect you and your loved ones. We specialise in both corporate and domestic electric fencing and are passionate about giving our customers the secure and worry-free lifestyle they deserve.

We also specialise in a number of security extras and one of our most popular picks is our VSS (video-security system), formerly known as CCTV (closed-circuit television). These cameras act as a crime deterrent, monitor all activity around your building, and collect potential evidence if ever needed. We have an array of models that suit different needs and products range from entry-level devices to high-end systems. Whatever your budget, we have a camera that will work for you. These in conjunction with electric fencing send a firm message to criminals: Your building is protected and they won’t stand a chance.

How Our Fencing System Works

All our fencing systems are installed correctly and according to legislation. Fences will give off a 9900-volt shock if they are touched and this will give potential intruders a big fright and hinder their activity. However, this shock is not lethal or enough to seriously hurt a human or animal. Thus, this is a safe fencing system to have at a home. The alarm system is an added benefit and will alert you to any possible threat. Users can also operate their cameras and fence from the comfort of their mobile device. Thus, you can protect your perimeter even when you’re not at home. We are proudly registered with the South African Electric Fence Association (SAEFIA) and thus comply strictly to their safety regulations. This also means that clients have a registered authority to go to if there are any concerns or discrepancies. It protects the client and ensures that each electric fence is installed in compliance with the law. We are strict about sticking to these legal regulations because your safety is our number-one concern.

We’ve been in the business of security since 1997 and thus have over two decades of experience under our belt. When it comes to security, prevention is critical. Our systems strive to deter potential threats before they become a problem and keep you and your family safe while doing so. Our fence installations have a 1-year warranty on workmanship and we also specialise in repairs once that period has ended. Simply SMS “Quote” to 083 263 2681 and we will happily give you a call. While we can’t eradicate crime, we can enhance your security systems and keep your home safe from a potential threat.

Electric fencing and VSS technology offer two durable solutions to any security concerns and we would love to help you today.