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Energizers used for commercial and industrial uses

Electric fences at large properties where a high level of security is required, has to be zoned. In case of an alarm, the armed response have to have some kind of indication of the location of the problem.

Keep in mind that in the event of a short, the whole fence is at risk if only one energizer is used. That is the reason why Tandem Security Systems prefers to rather install one powerful energizer per zone and monitor it remotely.

Merlin Stealth M 28 S
This is a dual zone energizer. This energizer is installed  between two zones. It is also adjustable between 4 and 8 joules.


Magnum Shock all
This energizer has the unique feature that every strand in the fence is live. If any wire is shorted out the voltage on the fence is still high enough. This energizer can be used at private houses as well as specialized military installations.


Magnum Smart
This energizer is ideal for old age homes or factories. The bottom wires are only monitored by means of a 12 volt system. This will result in an alarm if shorted out. The top wires will have the normal 9900 volt power.

Magnum Sectorizer
This energizer can divide the fence into three partitions For zoning purposes.
Ideal for smaller complexes

BS120 - Stinger Products

BS120 Stinger
Multizone Fence Energizer


Stinger has a steadily growing list of products in a range of areas. The common theme amongst them is innovation. In the electric fence area the BS120, 20-Zone Energizer is a unique product with a patented monitor design. It is the first monitor concept, which offers a stable and reliable detection of 20 zones without any extra wiring.

Acclaimed as an innovative product, it has been used even out of the borders of South Africa in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, etc.

Unlike the generally sold high impedance energizers for animal fence control and security fencing, our energizers are low impedance, energy limited energizers which can accept long fences. The Stinger BS series of energizers offer excellent stability and reliability for small, medium and large installations.

Stinger Electronics has developed and patented a new range of insulators for electric fencing These devices together with aluminum wire, ferrules and HT cable can be obtained from one of our allied companies. These components, together with the Stinger energizers form the new generation in electric fence technology.

This new website is an important part of our marketing strategy and will be responsible for our growth in export markets.

Stinger electric fencing will have a security solution to suit your needs

We all have the right to our own security, safety and privacy. Unfortunately these days more and more, we have to take active steps in protecting these rights. Whether you are looking to protect your residence or business, electric fencing is a choice growing fast in popularity. Fencing technology has improved in leaps and bounds over the past few years, and Stinger electric fencing, available through Tandem Security, has stayed at the forefront of these developments. So why would you need electric fencing and what will it do for you?

The main purpose of electric fencing is to keep intruders out. It secures the residents inside the perimeter and protects your property and valuables. To ensure true peace of mind, however, you need to be sure that the fence is installed by professionals and that it is of good quality. The supporting structure needs to be strong enough and the voltage needs to be as high as possible within the legal requirements. The point is to give a powerful jolt to the intruder, causing them to react in pain and move away from the fence.

Another very important factor is that the energiser, which supplies power to the fence wires, has a siren that will go off when the wire is tampered with or cut. An electric fence is of no use if it cannot warn you of an intrusion. Many of these can even be linked to armed response, making it an all-round security feature that you can rely on with ease.

Safety requirements differ, depending on what type of property it is and what the dangers are being faced. In this way, government property, commercial and industrial zones and normal residences will have different needs and consideration to be taken into account. Stinger electric fencing is known for its innovative products and will have the solution that suits your needs. They have also patented a new range of insulators for electric fencing.

These advanced products are available through tandem Security. Visit the professionals at tandemsecurity.co.za to find the perfect solution for your security needs.

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