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Energizers for Domestic Electric Fences

Energizers are designed to supply the electric fence with power. 220 Volts from the main supply are converted to direct current. Non lethal pulses of 9900 volts are generated to power the fence. Energizers are fitted with batteries to ensure operation even with power failures. The power consumption of electric fences is very low.

Energizers can be divided into two categories. Firstly for domestic use and secondly for specialized applications. From an economic point of view home owners do not always feel that is necessary to spend too much money on electric fencing. They would rather go for a cheaper unit. Tandem Security Systems makes provision for every bodies needs regarding price and quality.

Energizers for domestic use

Wizard 4 Joule
Energizers for Electric Fences


Merlin 4 joule
Energizers for Electric Fences


JVA 4 joule
Energizers for Electric Fences

Magnum simplex 8 joule
(Basic Model)
These energizers have a 1 year warranty, lightning damage included. It has a modular structure. Tandem Security Systems carry service exchange units to repair energizers on site. You do not need to wait for weeks for repairs. These energizers are adjustable from 4 to 8 joules. Magnum energizers are also ideal for complexes as enough power is generated to power long fences. This is basic model in the range and can be expanded to more sophisticated models for military applications. Magnum energizers can be controlled and monitored via radio or sms modules.

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