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Fencing: Electric Perimeters Are the Safe Trend

The reality is that we need to take precautions to protect our loved ones and our valuables. Unfortunately the days of open properties and unlocked doors are over and it is our responsibility to take the necessary action to ensure that our property is secure. For a while it was simply enough to erect a wall or fence around your property, but the truth is that this does not do much to keep out intruders nowadays. When it comes to contemporary fencing, electric variants are fast gaining widespread popularity. For years the use of this fencing was limited to security complexes, prisons and state facilities, but nowadays these can be found almost everywhere, including normal residential areas.

With the advancement of technology electric fencing have become mush easier to install and much more visually appealing, making them a viable option for home owners who want to protect their property without defacing it. If you have existing walls or fencing, electric wires can be mounted on top or next to these, without having to remove or rebuild the current walls. It is also good to know that although these fences deliver a significant shock to any intruder it is not lethal and uses very little electricity.

Tandem Security Systems specialises in electric fencing, but can also supply you with a number of other security solutions. Instead of providing you with an electric fence set kit, they will assess your property and provide you with a custom-made fence that meets your specific requirements. In additions, they can also supply you with an alarm system that will notify you if someone tampers with the fence, and this alarm van even be linked to your armed response unit.

Tandem Security Systems provides efficient and effective security systems that are further enhanced by the use of a variety of branded products produced by manufacturers with a proven track record of stability and reliability. This, combined with sound advice from their expert staff gives clients a variety of choice in the final design of their security systems. Contact them for security fencing, electric perimeter protection and a number of other security solutions.

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