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How Electric Fence Installations Can Give Your Family Crucial Response Time

The installation of an electric fence is not a failproof security measure for a property when working in isolation. However, when you combine it with other security products and solutions, such as access control systems and alarms, it can provide you with a comprehensive security solution that adds to your peace of mind. But how does an electric fence achieve this?

Aside from the obvious deterrent it poses to opportunistic criminals, an electric fence is the first barrier for trespassers to your property. While alarms are still important in order to alert you to tampering of your security systems or to the presence of an unauthorised trespasser on your property, an electric fence can give you valuable minutes to become aware of a possible intrusion when the alarm is not active, and allow you to press your panic button and contact your security company.

When someone tries to fiddle with the electric fence, or if they come into contact with the fence, there will be a loud commotion that can attract your attention. In this way, you have more of a response time to gather your wits and act in a rational and calm manner. This is just one way in which electric fence installations can help you keep your property safe from unauthorised trespassers.

Why Choose Tandem Security Systems for the Installation of Your Electric Fence in Pretoria?

In 2011, the regulations regarding electric fence installations in South Africa changed. Today, it is a legal requirement to have a certificate of compliance from an authorised installer when you either want to sell your home, rent it out or purchase a property with an electric fence installed on it. At Tandem Security Systems, we specialise in the installation of state-of-the-art electric fences in Pretoria, and have been doing so for many years.

Throughout the years, we have installed electric fences in corporate parks, security complexes and industrial businesses, as well as specialised electric fences at National Key Points. Our record speaks for itself, and we stand firmly behind our great reputation of client satisfaction. The various areas that we specialise in, include:

  • Wall top electric fences;
  • Freestanding electric fences;
  • Energisers for domestic electric fences;
  • Energisers for industrial electric fences; and
  • Electric fences attached to palisades, wire fences and pre-cast walls.

Tailored Electric Fence Upgrades and Installation

We also offer upgrades of electric fence systems. Electric fencing can be installed on top of walls, however, we prefer to install at least seven lines on square tubing poles. The poles are 800mm higher than the wall, and the poles are bolted to the wall. Should the need arise, we are able to manufacture poles according to special specifications. This is just one more way in which we seek to provide our clients with the convenience and one-stop solution that they need for professional electric fence installations in Pretoria.

To learn more about our service and product offering, speak to our team of dedicated and professional security experts today. Our comprehensive approach to securing your property is sure to provide you with the peace of mind that you need to enjoy a pleasant night’s sleep.