Electric Fence Installation

Electric Fence Installations – The First Line of Defence and Security

Nowadays, security is uppermost in the minds of banks, shopping malls, retail outlets, entertainment venues, businesses, farmers, and homeowners alike, particularly in South Africa, where crime rates are very high and crimes are often accompanied by acts of violence. Police and other crime-fighting resources are spread too thinly on the ground to cope with crime effectively.

Remaining Safe While Keeping Intruders Out

It’s up to ordinary citizens to take essential steps to secure themselves, their possessions, and their properties with the best available, modern security systems that are designed and manufactured to keep occupants safe within properties, whilst keeping those with illegal intentions out. A perimeter boundary that features a professional electric fence installation is typically one’s first, most effective and efficient line of defence. The system is designed to keep criminals out, and the occupants and their possessions within warned of a potential threat. However, it’s possible and may be necessary to enhance the function of such an electric fence installation by linking it to other security and preventative systems, such as alarm activation, armed response, and monitoring and recording systems.


Electric fencing and its monitoring can even be controlled remotely and monitored from your smart mobile phone, providing that the systems were installed professionally by suitably qualified security and electric fence installation contractors, who comply with the relevant South African legislation. Installing modern security systems involves far more knowledge, expertise, and experience than simply rigging strands of wire atop a perimeter boundary structure and connecting the wiring to an electrical power source. One should remember that any and every type of security device is only as good as its components and its installation.Tandem Security Systems is a preferred security system contractor that is registered with the SAEFIA (South African Electric Fence Installers Association), which is officially recognised by the Department of Labour. In turn, the department is the official regulator that is responsible for the health and safety aspects of SAEFIA members’ electric fencing installations.

Contact with the Fence

Occasionally, people are fearful about their pets accidentally coming into contact with electric fences and receiving a lethal shock. However, if the installation has been correctly and professionally done, the shock that the fence delivers when touched is not fatal, although it is likely to be rather unpleasant. If not so, the system would not serve as a deterrent security measure. These systems use a non-lethal direct current and set off an alarm when the live wires are shorted out when touched by a body. Providing that your installer is professional and registered with SAEFIA, you can rest assured that your fence installation will be safe and secure, and in accordance with this body and the Department of Labour’s health and safety specifications.


At Tandem Security Systems, we offer a 1-year warranty on the workmanship of our expert electric fence installations. The materials and components used carry the warranties provided by their manufacturers, who post their warranty terms and conditions on their respective websites. If you need a professional security system that’s tailor made for your property and your individual security needs, be sure to contact us for an effective solution.