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Invest in Your Home’s First Line of Defence with Quality Electric Fencing

Electric fences are used as the first barrier of security for homes in Gauteng and around the country. When installed correctly, the electric fencing protects your home against intruders. Auxiliary security devices, such as CCTV, alarms and motion sensitive lights, can also be added to supplement the effectiveness of the electric fencing. With an integrated and comprehensive security solution, you can enjoy the wonderful Gauteng climate outside your home, while feeling safe and secure on your property.

There are many reasons why so many South Africans invest in electric fencing for their properties. Perhaps one of the most popular of all is the fact that an electric fence can act as a physical barrier that provides delayed intrusion time. Even if it is unable to stop an intrusion from taking place entirely, it can still provide occupants of the property with enough warning time to react, and not be caught off guard.

Of course, there are many other reasons behind this security technology’s popularity, including:

  • Electric fencing also acts as a psychological barrier to deter opportunistic intrusion attempts
  • Insurance companies tend to view properties with electric fencing favourably in terms of reduced insurance risks, thus rewarding property owners for their vigilance with reduced insurance premiums
  • Low maintenance costs and easy operation.
  • Reduced cost of security personnel.

Expertly Installed Electric Fencing by Tandem Security Systems

At Tandem Security Systems, we specialise in the supply and installation of electric fences for domestic residences, complexes, corporate parks and industrial businesses, as well as specialised fences at national key points. Throughout the years, we have grown to become an acknowledged leader in the security systems industry, and our footprint stretches far and wide throughout Gauteng.

Further adding to the peace of mind of our clients is the fact that we are accredited to issue a Certificate of Compliance in terms of the new legislation governing electric fence installations. Whenever a home is rented out or sold, this certificate is required. Should the need arise, we are also able to upgrade your electric fencing, to ensure that it complies with legislative requirements.

Membership of the South African Electric Fence Installers Association

Our company issues the Certificate of Compliance electronically, but you can receive a hardcopy at our offices. This provides further peace of mind, knowing that you will receive the service and value you deserve, and that the quality of the workmanship is beyond reproach. You can also rest assured that you have recourse to follow with a professional association and watchdog.

We are serious about offering the very highest quality workmanship and after-sales support. Our seasoned team of security professionals is able to design and install multiple zone industrial fences, according to specific requirements. Let us help you secure your property and assets, and help your family enjoy life with confidence.

To learn more about our company, and to find out how we can help you gain from all the benefits of expertly installed electric fencing in Gauteng, contact us today. We look forward to helping secure your home with a comprehensive and integrated approach to modern security technology.

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