Electric Fencing Solutions

Tandem Security: Electric Fencing Solutions to Keep Your Family Safe

Electric fencing is one of the surest ways to protect your property from potential threat and ease any crime-related worries that you might have. Electric fencing offers an effective barrier against intrusion and does so by offering two-fold protection. They release a shock when tampered with and also sound an alarm. They thus deter any potential threats at a physical level and also alert the surrounding neighbourhood of the intrusion. Our fences release a 9900 V shock, and this is strong enough to stop potential threats without causing serious harm to any human or animal. This is thus a safe security measure to have in the home and will protect your family without posing any potential threat to them.

electric fencingWe’ve been in the business of domestic and industrial fencing since 1997 and are passionate about innovative security systems that work. Our fences can be easily controlled from your mobile device and are therefore accessible even when you’re out of town. We can also install advanced video security systems (VSS), formerly known as closed-circuit television (CCTV). This access control enables you to keep an eye on your property at all times and enhances the protection that our electric fencing offers. Never again do you have to go on holiday or away on a business trip and worry about what’s happening at home. Keep your loved ones and family safe at all times with Tandem Security and our electric fencing and VSS technology solutions.

Why You Should Trust Tandem Security Systems with Your Safety and Security Needs

Having been in the security system industry for over two decades, we’re a well-known player in the security game. We have built a successful business over the years and believe in the importance of quality products that adhere to safety standards. We are proudly registered with the South African Electric Fence Installers Association (SAEFIA) and this offers protection to our customers by allowing them to report the unlikely event of misconduct. Customer safety is our number one priority, and this is just one more avenue through which customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

electric fencing solutionsWe offer a 1-year guarantee on all our workmanship and we’ll happily service your electric fencing system once the warranty has ended. Our call-out service usually includes half an hour of work and our well-trained team are quick to rectify problems. If a bigger job is needed, we’ll give you a cost breakdown before we begin working and provide you with our hourly rates. We’ll charge materials separately, but communication about the process will always be key.

If you want to enhance your domestic or corporate security, then get in touch with us today. While we cannot stop the prospect of crime, we can stop it in its tracks before it enters your home. We provide solutions that work and believe electric fencing us one of the best deterrents against crime. Simply SMS “Quote” to 083 263 2681 and we’ll happily give you a call about our various security options.