Corporate Electric As Well As Domestic Electric Fences For Shock And Alarm

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Electric fences are used as the first barrier of security in South Africa. It gives a shock as well as alarm when tampered with. If the electric fence is installed correctly, it will protect you in most instances from intruders.

Other security devices can be added as an extra. We can now enjoy the wonderful climate outside our homes without feeling unsafe. Keep in mind that an alarm system does not protect you when the doors are open and you are sitting outside.

Tandem Security Systems specializes in Corporate electric as well as Domestic electric fences. An intruder will find it extremely difficult to withstand the 9900 Volt shock to enter your premises. The shock from the energizer is non-lethal. It cannot seriously hurt or kill an animal or person if the system is installed correctly according to legislation. Apart from giving an intruder a nasty shock it is primarily an alarm system that can be monitored in different ways.

The electric fence can be controlled remotely from your cellular phone. We supply and install advanced CCTV and access control equipment and are able to integrate all our systems to provide clients with a turnkey solution.


  • Can an electric fence kill my cat or dog? – No. Electric fences use direct current (DC) that is non- lethal. That is why legislation is in place to keep electric fences safe.
  • When does an electric fence give an alarm? When the live wires are shorted out. That is why a professional company is needed to do the installation.
  • What is the role of Department Labour in South Africa regarding electric fences? Department Labour is the Official Regulator. They are responsible for the Health and Safety aspects thereof.
  • What is the role of The South African Electric Fence Association? SAEFIA is officially recognized by Department Labour to represent the electric fence installers of South Africa. If an installer is registered with SAEFIA, the consumer can be assured that they can report misconduct if necessary. SAEFIA will not prosecute any installers but are able to make recommendations to Department Labour in that respect. They are there to assist the installers regarding aspects in the industry. The public can also find out from SAEFIA if an installer is registered to issue a COC. Note that registration numbers starting with a T, is no longer valid. The registration numbers must start with EFSI
  • Why should clients insist that the installer they plan to use is registered with SAEFIA? They are assured that SAEFIA can discipline the member if he is found to be guilty of gross negligence. He will be forced to rectify the problem. If not, he will be reported to Department Labour and will be prosecuted.
  • What warranty do Tandem Security Systems offer on electric fences? The warranty on our workmanship is one year. The warranty on the material used will be found on the website of the manufacturing company.
  • What do I do if my fence needs attention after my warranty expired? You are welcome to still call us and we can attend to the problem.
  • What is the cost to attend to the problem? To cover our cost to move a team from another location to where the work needs to be done we have to charge a service call. The service call includes half an hours labour. Because our staff is well trained, they normally rectify the problem within minutes. If it seems to take a while, we will provide the client with a quote first. If the client agrees, an hourly rate will apply. Material will be charged separately.
  • I am selling my house and need a COC. What is the cost if the fence was not installed by TSS? There is an inspection fee to be paid. If the fence complies with regulations, only the cost to issue the certificate and inspection fee will be payable. If there is work to be done to get the fence compliant, there will be no extra call out fee. Only material and labour will be applicable. There will be cost involved to issue the certificate. Clients will receive it in printed format. The COC will be issued after payment.


Corporate land owners need to have a close look at legislation regarding the following:

  • There are certain rules that have to be taken into account when a fence is installed for example PUBLIC AREAS.
  • Peak voltage: – a High tension electric fence is where the peak voltage of a pulsed system exceeds 50V DC or AC.
  • Secure area is where a person is not separated from pulsed conductors below1.5m by a physical barrier.
  • Areas adjacent to such public areas, without a building element or some other method restricting access are also deemed to be public areas.
  • Electric fences nearer than 20 meters to a parking area also needs special attention. Live wires lower than 1.5m above ground level is not legal.
  • In other words, there must be a barrier fence below 1.5m or the bottom wires. Alternatively the bottom wires must be powered by a monitoring energizer with a low voltage output.
  • Tandem Security Systems offer an energizer that monitors the wires below 1.5m and has all the features of an electric fence without shocking anybody. If the fence is shorted or cut, the alarm will go off.
  • The latest version of SANS 10222-3: 2012 is available from South African Buro Of Standards. This is the legal document enforced by the OHS act.

Comparing Quotes

Most clients would like to obtain more quotes. To be able to make an informed decision, you have to look at the legal details specified in the quotation. The energizer must have 3 earth spikes. Lightning Arrestors must be installed. Earth spikes every 30 meters. Warning signs every 10 meters. For more info you can have a look on the website of Department Labour under new electric fence legislation.