Electric Security Fence

Say No to Crime and Choose an Electric Security Fence System

Sadly, crime is a reality in the modern world, and there is not a one-stop solution to eradicate it entirely. However, there are a number of security mechanisms that home and business owners can put in place to deter criminals and keep their perimeters safe. One such solution is the installation of an electric fence. These electric security fences act as a first barrier against crime and aim to protect your commercial or domestic space by giving off a 9900-volt shock when touched. While this shock is not lethal and will thus not cause long-term damage to humans or animals, it is enough to send a very clear message that criminal activity will not be tolerated. When installed with an alarm system, it sends a double warning.

electric fencingMany customers opt to bolster their electric fences with other safety features, including alarms, Video Security Systems (VSS), and access control equipment. While electric fences are your first port of call, all of our solutions work in conjunction to offer optimum security for you and your family. Some of the benefits of these systems, and particularly our electric fences, include:

  • Ultimate Deterrence: Nothing shows that your property is protected more than an electric security fence. It sends a clear message that effective security systems are in place and acts as a clear deterrent to any potential threat. 
  • Safety: While these electric fences give criminals a literal and figurative shock, they certainly will not cause long-term damage. This also means that they are safe for domestic use around children and pets. Their safety is thus twofold. They keep you and your family safe while safely and effectively preventing crime. 
  • Easy Installation: Our skilled team will quickly and efficiently install your fence. We also have a warranty on our workmanship for one year, and when that runs out, we will be available to maintain your electric fence and address any problems that may arise.
  • Peace of Mind: Perhaps the most important benefit of these devices is the peace of mind that they offer customers. Clients can control their safety features from the comfort of their cellular devices and can rest assured that their homes and families are safe. No matter where you are in the world, your property will always be protected. This is perhaps the biggest benefit of upping your home’s safety features and one that you simply cannot put a price tag on.

Why Trust Tandem Security Systems?

We have been in the business of security since 1997, and we are thus well versed on all things safety. With over two decades of experience to our name, we pride ourselves on outstanding service that upholds safety standards to the highest degree. We are passionate about keeping our clients safe and believe that a combination of effective and well-tested safety solutions are your best bet when it comes to deterring crime.

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