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The Undisputed Advantages of Investing in an Electric Security Fence

We have been using electric fences for decades now. Initially, these fences were used for animal control and to restrict the movement of cattle, horses and other animals, but more recently electric fences have been used for security reasons and to keep unwanted parties out of certain areas. There have been huge advances in the world of security technology, and the modern electric security fence is able to deliver a number of services when combined with a comprehensive security system.

The modern electric security fence is designed to provide an uncomfortable shock to anyone touching the fence, yet it will not kill or gravely injure the person. The electric current can also be combined with another security system that will trigger an alarm or a warning mechanism, such as a floodlight in the area where the current was broken by someone touching it. Modern systems also allow direct messages or alarms to be sent to a security company who will then investigate as quickly as possible, which means that your property will be secure at all times, and that any unwanted access can be prevented, and noticed immediately.

There are some real advantages to investing in an electric security fence. First of all, it provides a visible deterrent – just the fact that the fence is present is likely to put off potential intruders, and this act as a psychological barrier against intrusion. Having to choose between two properties to enter – one with an electric fence and one without, intruders are much more likely to choose one without an electric fence!

Of course, there is also the capacity to shock the intruder, and nobody really wants the pain of an electric current running through them, so they would rather stay away. When the electric security fence is connected to other security warning systems, such as alarms and lights, CCTV and warnings to security staff, it provides an outstanding way of securing any property. It also provides the people on the property with additional peace of mind when they know that any unauthorised entry to the property will be noticed immediately. And should an intruder be able to gain access to the property, an electric security fence will also prevent a quick escape or a swift getaway!

How Tandem Security Systems can help you

At Tandem Security Systems, we have been in the security business since 1997 and we specialise in the provision of highly advanced security systems, which include electric fences, CCTV installation, risk assessments, the design and installation of advanced and comprehensive security solutions, access control, gate automation and security intercoms for many private individuals, housing estates and corporate premises. We always provide you with the best technology and products available, and we pride ourselves on the outstanding service we provide. The products we use have built a solid reputation in the security industry and we have a wide service network throughout the country that is able to provide maintenance and servicing wherever needed.

Give us a call today to find out more about our preferred electric security fence and other security products!

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