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The Electric Security Fence is Your First Line of Defence

While it may not always have been everyone’s desire to go to such extreme lengths in order to protect their homes, their families and their valuables, the steadily increasing threat of unauthorised entry into residential and business properties in South Africa is forcing home and business owners to exercise far more caution regarding the protection of their property. Many now agree that an electric security fence offers the ideal first line of defence for domestic, commercial, and even industrial premises.

The incidence of breaking and entering, and even full-scale home invasions, for instance, has made it clear enough that burglar bars and alarms are insufficient to counter a suitably knowledgeable and determined thief, and that the threat of a high-voltage electrical shock serves as a far more effective obstacle to illegal entry. Though these are non-lethal systems and incapable of causing permanent harm, even to animals that may make accidental contact, the pain and surprise resulting from such contact can be extremely debilitating and is sufficient to deter any further entry attempts on the part of the distinctly chastened intruder.

However, both the efficiency and the safety of these installations depend upon the skill of the installer and, since the 2012 amendment to the original act of 1993, all such installations are now required to comply with the provisions defined by SANS-10222-3. Furthermore, all of those who perform the installation of an electric security fence shall hold the appropriate accreditation and, in addition, is obliged to issue the client with a certificate assuring the full compliance with these statutory requirements for each new installation undertaken.

The field, however, is a highly competitive one, and the onus is on the client to select both products and services that conform to these mandatory standards. That said, given the current financial difficulties experienced by so many South Africans today, the danger that one may purchase inferior goods and services in exchange for what may appear to be bargain prices is, unfortunately, as prevalent in this industry as it is in most others. Because of this, selecting a reputable company to supply and install an electric security fence to protect your home, your offices, or your factory is absolutely essential. The good news, however, is that this should not have to mean paying an extortionate price.

One of the best safeguards for anyone who is in the market for this type of protection is to check out the supplier’s credentials in order to gain peace of mind. For instance, has the proposed company been around long enough to gain all the necessary knowledge and experience, and is it registered with a relevant body such as, in this particular case, the South African Electric Fence Installers Association?

Located in Gauteng, and operating within the Pretoria, Centurion, Midrand, Brits, Bronkhorstspruit, and Johannesburg region, Tandem Security Systems is a company with a solid twenty years of experience covering all forms of security requirements, including the supply and fully compliant installations of world-class, wall-top and freestanding electric security fences for domestic and industrial use, as well as maintain a supply of all necessary spares to ensure that they continue to function efficiently.

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