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Why You Need to Get an Electric Security Fence As Soon As Possible

It is no secret that crime in South Africa is one of the major problems we face – as individuals, business owners, farmers, and everyone else. Our main aim is to keep ourselves, our families, our businesses, livestock, and assets safe from theft or damage, but this is not always easy in a country where criminals are forever on the lookout for the next score! This means that if you have property or people to protect and you do not have an electric security fence yet, you should get one immediately!

In the beginning, electric fencing was mostly used to restrict and contain livestock, but over the last few decades, it has practically become part of modern life for security reasons. It is now being installed at business premises, residential homes, and many other places where access is restricted, and unauthorised access has to be prevented at all cost.

An electric security fence can hold several advantages. Firstly, it is a visual deterrent. If you have installed an electric security fence that is plainly visible, and your neighbour has not, criminals are more likely to target your neighbour than you, simple as that. The mere sight of the electric fence is enough to put people off trying to enter your property and look for an easier target. Electric fencing has evolved along with technology and nowadays, it is much more than a fence that can deliver a rather painful electric shock. Your electric security fence can now be interconnected with other components of a security system to form part of a complete security solution.

Modern security systems are usually modular in their design approach. They usually consist of a variety of different security measures, such as CCTV cameras, electric security fencing, motion sensors, security lights, alarms, silent alarms, panic buttons, and many others – and all of these are connected to each other, and also to the relevant security response company. When someone (or something) touches your electric security fence, a break in the electric circuit is caused, and this can trigger an emergency response. CCTV cameras may activate and rotate to view the location of the attempted breach to record any potential intruders, an alarm may sound, security lights may be activated, and the security company may be informed. This means that your property is protected in many different ways.

Whether you are considering installing an electric security fence or get a comprehensive security solution for your property, contact our team at Tandem Security Systems. Because we have been in the security industry in South Africa for a long time, we are well versed in all the security systems and measures you can take to keep your property safe. We invest in the most modern technology and can advise you on the most effective security solutions for your particular environment. Our team are all experts in the solutions that work best at both businesses and residential properties, and we are always on standby to offer advice and our expertise to allow you to make a more informed decision. Give us a call today to find out how we can help you!

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