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School's Out - Has the Electric Security Fencing Been Checked?

The year is rapidly drawing to a close, and millions of South Africans will be packing up and leaving their homes for the December festive period. How confident are you that your electric security fencing is in tip-top condition?

Not only does it act as the first line of defence against unauthorised trespassers, giving your security company time to pick up on any interference and investigate right away if someone is fiddling with the electric gate, but if your security measures aren’t in full working order, you can have some serious headaches should you pursue a claim with your insurance company. Seize the opportunity of the end of year lull to do all the necessary routine checks on your electric security fencing.

Various new and tough legislations place the onus on the property owner to ensure that the electric security fencing is adequately maintained. Ideally, an electric security fence should be checked by a qualified installer every six month at a minimum. This ensures that you stay on top of any issues that might cause the fencing or gate to malfunction, and place your family’s security at risk.

How to Tell If an Electric Security Fence is Working Properly

It is important to know if your electric fence is working as it should at all times. Just because the fence’s electricity is on, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s working. When electric security fencing is placed on top of grass and a variety of other materials, it can eventually short out the fence, precluding it from functioning properly.

Start out by checking that the fence is on. Some fences have a light at the top of the fence, or you can just ensure that the switch is turned on. However, the light is handy when wanting to know if the fence is on from across the yard or even from inside your home. Verify that electricity is going through the fence and not being grounded somewhere along the way. There are various ways of doing this – you can buy a small tester that provides information on how much energy the fence is producing. Always practice safety around an electric fence.

Tandem Security Systems is Your First Choice for the Latest Electric Security Fencing

We have a hardworking team of seasoned professionals specialising in domestic electric fences, corporate parks, industrial businesses and security complexes. We also take care of electric fence installations at National Key Points, with a rich history of celebrated success in this department.

It is always recommended that you combine an electric security fencing with other security measures, and since our company has in-house staff capable of installing advanced CCTV and access control equipment, we are your first choice. Let our experience in providing an integrated, customised security solution help you sleep easier at night – knowing that your property and assets are well protected.

Our installers are classified as “accredited persons” under the relevant legislation to install the electric security fencing and issue a Certificate of Compliance for all new electric fence installations since 2012. Contact us at Tandem Security Systems if you are in need of a Certificate of Compliance, if you need our expertise in maintaining your electric security fencing or even if you need a new fence installed.

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