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Tandem Security Systems

Tandem Security Systems: High-Tech Security Within Reach

Ever had trouble choosing between the array of providers of high-tech security devices such as burglar alarms, access control readers, wired or wireless CCTV and IP surveillance cameras? As you may probably know, there are a lot of security companies in South Africa, but there is presumably one security company that best fits your needs – may it be at your business, home, or even both – by providing you with high-tech security systems, namely Tandem Security.

At Tandem Security we provide our clients with a variety of security systems that are the most up-to-date in terms of technology and price. One such offer is CCTV security cameras. There are various setups, some of which are more straightforward with effortless instalment and maintenance. Some more advanced systems can be complicated, depending on the coverage of one’s needs. But one thing is imperative and that is that you know what to look for in your security system.

Tandem Security at your service!

When you choose a security company, you have to be completely certain that the business has a good reputation with a heap of happy clients. This is not only to afford you with complete peace of mind, but also to ensure service excellence at all times.

Our team at Tandem Security will be able to offer a number of security products, each with their own unique benefits:

  • Corporate CCTV Security Cameras – Never before has there been such a need for 24-hour surveillance than today. With the crime rate still on the increase, businesses are in need of larger security systems which incorporate CCTV cameras. The advantages of this includes:
    • Digital recordings;
    • It can be connected to the internet allowing you to monitor from distant locations; and
    • The cameras can be integrated with access control systems.
  • Access Control – There are various ways how you can control who enter or leave your premises and one such way would be with the help of access card and biometric readers. The Lattice proximity readers are not only cost-effective, but offer you a networked control system. This means that the system can either operate as a stand-alone reader or it can be part of bigger network where an additional 31 units can be incorporated. Individuals are then given tags, which are programmed so that you can control and monitor the movement of staff and visitors in and out of the company’s premises.
  • Electric Fences – When last did you visit a company that was not surrounded by electric fences? Chances are, none that you recall. Our Tandem security systems range includes electric fences specifically created for larger properties, which are zoned, thereby assisting armed response units by indicating where the potential perpetrator might be.

Crime in this country has shown little evidence of calming down in the near future, and some shady entrepreneurs have leapt at the opportunity. As such, you have to be completely assured that the company you choose to protect your business and its interest will provide you with a comprehensive security solution that combines various security products to give you complete peace of mind that you are always protected. If you want to know how we can help you, feel free to contact us today and one of our friendly staff members will assist you right away!


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