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Access Control Security Systems

Access Control Security Systems for Your Property

When looking to buy or to rent a property, one of the discussions points will be security and safety. Whether you are currently living in a home or occupying commercial property, you will need to consider installing an access control security system to try and prevent falling victim to a criminal act. There are different options available to you, which is why you can benefit from a professional installer.

A very effective way to secure your property is to make use of electric fencing. Electric fencing products can also be supplied with an energizer, delivering an uninterrupted power supply that will come in handy during a power failure. It can also be linked to an alarm that will sound when the wires are cut. You can even combine this with infrared beams and sensors, so that you can be made aware of any intruders on your property, warning you where they are and the direction they are moving in.

Professional Installations

When it comes to controlling access points to estates, corporates buildings, embassies, or simply normal parking areas, it’s best to let a professional installer handle the implementation of these systems. Controlling traffic is essential for office buildings and shopping centres, as there will be a lot of people moving through these areas, posing a security risk if it is not properly managed. Professional installers like Tandem Security have the knowledge and experience to help you install the best possible access control security systems.

When it comes to managing traffic, there are many different ways of controlling access to corporate buildings. Traffic booms are a very effective of monitoring the vehicles as they move through a specific area. A telephonic access control system can also be used at various entrances, especially when it comes to corporate buildings where access is only allowed for specific individuals or employees. A popular system, like the B1000 from Tandem Security, operates via a cellular network and has its own back-up power supply as well. Billing is done per second and the program can be fully managed via the Internet. Tandem Security also has a selection of access cards and tag readers; this is a helpful tool when it comes to controlling the flow of people during office hours and limiting workers only to authorised work zones. The system can also specify the time that workers came to work, left work, and count their hours they have worked.

Home Security Systems

Home security can now be more effective than ever. When an alarm goes off, it usually means that the intruder has already breached the perimeter and is most likely standing in your house already. It’s much safer to be warned in advance, as soon as they enter your property. This is possible with the help of modern intruder systems that send you an SMS as soon as an intruder is detected. It can be programmed to SMS you when someone walks on your property, or when a car pulls up. If a person reaches a specified close vicinity, like your front door, the system can activate a buzzer and a strobe light. The warning level can be set to elevate, adding sirens and armed response calls, as the level of intrusion becomes more threatening. If the threat is to a maximum, it might even turn on floodlights or auto-lock doors.

Tandem Security Systems was founded in 1997 and is based in Centurion. After extensive research, we started manufacturing our own steel products, which is used in conjunction with state-of-the-art access control security systems. We provide electronic components and fencing installations, as well as a variety of other access control systems to effectively monitor your premises.

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