The Power of Proper Professional Electric Fencing

The Power of Proper Professional Electric Fencing

In South Africa, electric fencing has become more than a “nice to have” these days. This is sadly due to the fact that break-ins, burglary and robbery are far too prevalent in what is otherwise a wonderful country.

Essential Safeguard

Electric fencing, installed to safeguard that which is rightfully yours, may be classified under the heading “essential”, because not only must it keep your property safe, but to also protect you and your family’s life from unwelcomed persons who have little to no regard for human life.

First Line of Defence

Long gone are the days where a simple “Keep Out” or “Beware of Dog” warning signs will do. Consequently, it’s imperative to have an effective first line of defence in place that is linked to a fully functional battery backup system, especially now with load shedding. The mere mention of electricity raises blood pressure as the constantly failing and unreliable supply of electricity has a truly serious impact on this country’s economy, stability, citizens, as well as the security of both businesses and the people of South Africa.

Lighting and Fencing Security Fundamentals  

Two of the most fundamental and essential modern security measures consist of:

  1. adequate lighting, as it acts as a deterrent to criminals who make use of darkness to avoid detection; and
  2. electric fencing, which is a very effective method of keeping intruders out.

Contact with a live electrified fence delivers a nasty electric shock. Although the shock delivered by electric fencing isn’t lethal, it can create the feeling of fear of an electrical shock. Even if they do know that the shock isn’t fatal, criminals prefer to avoid an unpleasant jolt of electricity.

Moreover, most energised perimeter barriers are linked to an alarm, armed response and/or VVS (previously known as CCTV) monitoring and recording system with which the electrified barrier operates in tandem. All require an electricity supply.

Planned blackouts, a.k.a. load shedding, have occurred periodically for the past decade in South Africa, so the soaring sales and use of alternative, backup power sources are to be expected. Generators and backup batteries are utilised to run the most essential household and security systems, including lighting and electric fencing, are in very high demand.

Generators and Backup Batteries

The supply and distribution of electricity will probably never be 100% fail- and fool-proof in South Africa. As such, when the consequences of an outage may be dire, it’s imperative to have a backup generator or battery to take over from the main grid to keep your electric fencing and linked enhancements fully operational.

Why Tandem Security Systems?

Tandem Security Systems, founded and registered in 1997, specialises in the provision and installation of the latest, most effective security solutions, which we customised according to your requirements.

Our services and products include electric fencing, VSS (commonly known as CCTV) cameras, garage and gate automation, and access control solutions, installed and serviced countrywide by an extensive network of recommended, trained and experienced field service personnel.

As a registered member of the regulatory body South African Electric Fence Association (SAEFIA), our products and quality services must comply with the relevant South African legislation. You can therefore rest assured that our company’s expertise and systems will not only meet your security needs but will do so keeping the possibility of power failures into account at all times.

For more information on our electric fencing systems, please feel free to contact us today.