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Putting Up the Fences

Security fencing is a wise idea for anyone. Whether you own a business or simply want to improve on your home security, one can never be too safe today. Couple fencing with a proper VSS (virtual security system – formerly know as CCTV), and you will be able to have a visual access point as well. Tandem Security Systems can provide you with both, so you can have a firm grip on your home or office space.

Electric Fences

We all know how effective an electric fence can be for the first line of protection, so the question becomes which type of electric security fencing would suit your needs. If you have high walls around your premises, a great option would be the wall-top fence. This fence puts out 9900 V and is a highly effective option for domestic use. Its shock will not kill a person – as the voltage might be high, but the current is not lethal – leaving a long-lasting impression on the person touching it. Looking at industrial fencing, a good option would be a freestanding stinger fence, or even an attached fence for a clear view, should you have normal fencing in place already.

All our electric fencing is designed to cater to your specific needs – being able to connect to VSSs and alarms, if you would want the extra features. Tandem Security Systems is accredited to issue a Certificate of Compliance, as per the new legislation for electric fence installations, and complying with the requirements of SANS 10222-3. We have trained and qualified professionals that can install your customised system for you, ensuring that everything works according to your needs, and according to the laws applicable to electric fence installations.

Virtual Security Systems

Formerly known as CCTV (closed-circuit television), a VSS gives you a visual platform for your security fencing system. It can range from a simplistic entry-level CCTV DIY kit to a state-of-the-art advanced IP camera system with intelligent software for particularly high-security applications. These systems can be linked to screens and placed at key spots, as per your preferences. Some of the advanced systems can even be linked up to a router and viewed via the Internet anywhere you might find yourself in the world.

For a domestic security fencing solution, we can provide you with the best in services and options to create and install the ideal security system for your home – keeping everyone safe inside and giving you a set of eyes to see everything around you. The same goes for industrial systems, as we can provide advanced solutions for both electric fencing and VSSs.

Choose Tandem Security Systems today for our wide range of services, including:

  • Biometric or card reader access systems for estates and office parks.
  • Upgrades to electric security fencing.
  • Objective professional risk assessments.
  • Intercoms with garage and gate automation.

Whether you are a big corporate company, or just a concerned parent, we will provide you with a security solution that not only fits your pocket, but also your specific wants and needs to keep you and the people around you safe and secure.

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