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Your Quick Guide to Electrical Security Fencing Pretoria and Gauteng

Electric security fencing in Pretoria and other cities in South Africa has become almost the norm because of the high crime rate. Most farm homesteads, residential homes, and business premises are now surrounded by these barriers to prevent criminals from gaining unauthorised access.

Initially, electric fencing was developed to restrict the movements of agricultural animals and wildlife. Over the last two decades, however, it has been used in many other environments with great success. Technological advances brought us very innovative security fencing that can keep out just about anything or anybody, and today’s improved systems are very effective. Over the last few years, energisers have become very effective in delivering a hefty and very uncomfortable electric shock to anybody who comes into contact with the security fencing. This means that, not only does the presence of an electric fence deter anyone from touching or crossing it, but it also is a highly functional deterrent for those who dare to do so.

The energiser used to power electrical security fencing of premises in cities like Pretoria can basically be defined as a transformer that can take a little electricity and turn it into a much larger charge. Because legislation in South Africa forbids electrical fencing to be lethal, these units are designed to deliver an electrical feed on a pulsating basis. It is therefore impossible for anyone to be exposed to a prolonged electrical shock, ensuring that it is a non-lethal barrier. Regulations are strictly regulated and must comply with several governing bodies and certain national and international standards. There are also rules that govern the height of security fencing, , the compulsory warning signage, and earth conducting mechanisms and other factors, from Pretoria to Paarl.

3 Advantages of Installing Electrical Security Fencing:

  • It is a visual deterrent. The mere sight of an electrical fence is enough to put most people off the idea of breaching the boundary to enter the property unlawfully. It therefore is a very effective psychological barrier, as well as a practical one.
  • The electrical shock that gets delivered during contact with the security fencing is very painful. For those who have experienced this, it is not something they would like to repeat, and they are less likely to re-test their mettle against an electrical security barrier.
  • Security fencing in Pretoria is usually connected to a more advanced security system that contains added functionality, such as an alarm system, CCTV cameras, and armed response companies. While security fencing is a great deterrent on its own, it is much more effective when coupled with additional security measures.

If you are looking for high-quality security fencing in Pretoria or Johannesburg, contact our team at Tandem Security Systems. We have built a solid reputation in the security industry and can equip you with all the security fencing and peripheral systems you need to keep your property secure and to keep your family, employees, and assets safe from undesirable characters. Give us a call today to find out more about how we can help you stay safe.

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