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Why People Opt for Sliding Gates Instead of Manual Gates

Statistics speak for themselves. Hijackings that take place at home are likely to occur either in the early mornings or early evenings. The frequency of violent crimes in South Africa has meant that South Africans have become more vigilant. Security features, such as CCTV cameras, alarms and electric fences, are great for making one feel more secure in your own home, but what can you do to bolster your security before you enter your property with its security products? Investing in a quality and dependable sliding gate motor for sale can help you make your property even safer.

The last thing you want to do is leave your car idling to fiddle with a lock and chain around your gate, only to get into the car again, drive a few metres and then exit to go through the same process again. There are so many opportunities for criminals to take advantage of during those few minutes that leave you exposed. With a motorised sliding gate, you simply press a button on the remote for the gate to open and close, without needing to exit your car.

Secure Your Property with Affordable Sliding Gate Motors for Sale from Tandem Security Systems

Our team behind Tandem Security Systems has received extensive training to install gate and garage doors professionally, providing our clients with the peace of mind that comes from owning sliding gate motors. Our new-generation motors are fully computerised and cannot be installed by unauthorised technicians.

We are able to install various types and brands of locally manufactured equipment, while also taking after-sales service into account. Our team assists you with the decision to buy the correct sliding gate motor for sale, and to take care of its complete installation. Let us use our lifetime of experience to help you make your property even more secure.

Save on Innovative Sliding Gate Motors for Sale

Throughout the years, we have gained incredible insight into the corporate and residential security sector. Our catalogue of products, services and solutions reflects this. We are proud of our long history of service, and use our incredible buying power to ensure our products remain as competitively priced as possible. We believe that security and peace of mind should be accessible and affordable to all South Africans, and work hard to help our clients feel safe in their own homes.

We only make use of the most advanced electronic components, electric fencing installations and access control systems to achieve the effective and durable security systems that you need. All our products are tailored to suit the specific and varied needs of our clientele. Let us provide you with efficient and effective security systems further enhanced by the use of branded products.

Our team approaches your security holistically and provides a thorough assessment of all your needs. To learn more about us, and how we can help you to be safer in your own home, speak to us today. We are ready to help you maximise the enjoyment of your home by keeping you safer with state-of-the-art security solutions.



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