Smart CCTV Camera

The Smartest Security Solution in Town: Smart CCTV Cameras


Smart CCTV Camera systems are gaining traction in the security world and for an excellent reason. Smart security systems bring technology to the fore and enable you to seamlessly integrate your video surveillance system with your electronic devices. This means that you can see what’s going on at your residential or commercial premises, wherever you are in the world. Unfortunately, many only realise the pertinence of these systems after the fact. It is easy to dismiss the need for surveillance systems when all is good and well, however in the unfortunate event of a burglary or crime, it is essential to have video evidence. This can ensure that justice is served and bring some resolution.


Added to this, smart CCTV cameras send a very clear message of deterrence : Crime will not be tolerated at your premises and those who attempt it will be called to account. When it comes to our smart CCTV camera systems, we service a range of properties and industries. These include:


  • Residential homes: You can easily set up viewing via your mobile device and thus constantly be in the know with regards to what is happening at your property.
  • Complexes: This is a great way to make residents feel a bit safer and enables management to view comings and goings in the event of a security breach.
  • Retail stores and restaurants: Smart CCTV cameras ensure that customers and clients are safe and that staff are correctly doing their jobs.
  • Guest houses and hotels: Keep guests and their belongings safe and up your security with our advanced smart CCTV


We also offer rental solutions for corporate customers and this enables you to pay off the system over a few years. In terms of offerings, we sell both security kits or installation packages and thus clients can opt for professional installation or self-installation. We will happily tailor a package to your budget and applications and realise that each client needs a unique system to suit their individual needs.


Choosing a Reputable Security Company

Your security systems are only as good as the team installing them. When you choose a reputable supplier like Tandem Security Systems, you can rest assured that the job will be done accurately and that quality smart CCTV camera systems will be used. Tandem Security Systems have been in the business of all things security since 1997, and we thus have over two decades of experience to our name. Apart from our superior smart CCTV camera options, we also offer comprehensive electric fencing solutions, gate and garage automation, access control options, and more.


Chat with the experts today and safeguard your business premises or home. Your peace of mind and the safety of loved ones, employees, and colleagues is invaluable, and when you partner with a security company with decades of experience, you are bound to feel a little safer and this naturally enhances quality of life by removing an extra layer of stress. We look forward to hearing from you and upping your security game!