Why Use Professionals For Your Fencing?

Why Your Electric Fence Installation Should Be Done By a Professional

We are all a little concerned about security in this country at the moment. Property invasions have reached an all-time high, and for those who want to protect their assets and their families, there are various security measures that can be applied in order to make the property safer. One of the oldest and most popular methods of deterring unwanted entry is an electric fence, yet a lot of people still insist on saving money by performing their own electric fence installation as a DIY project.

While some of these efforts may work, it is actually a lot more complicated than most people may think. Electric fences are no longer just visual deterrents. They are also connected to other, more complicated security measures in order to provide more comprehensive security solutions.

There are definitely benefits to getting a professional to perform your electric fence installation instead of doing this yourself. While the whole setup seems easy enough to install, and you may save a few bucks by doing it yourself, you will find that you will get better results when using a trained professional for your electric fence installation. There are a few reasons for this, and these include the following:

  • Effectiveness: In a perfect world, everyone would be able to get the installation just right. The setup perfect, the wiring great, and the connectivity perfect. The fact is that it takes true experts to know exactly how to conduct an electric fence installation, so that it will function perfectly. Only a professional will know where the weak spots are, which areas to avoid, which trees and other plants to trim back in order to avoid false alarms, and how to install the fence to avoid risk or injury to anyone on site.
  • Safety: Electric fences are designed with a pulse-push to avoid continuous current to anyone who touches it. This means that whoever touches the fence will certainly experience discomfort, but would not be in any lethal danger. Safety measures built into the setup of any electric fence installation will ensure that people who unintentionally touch the fence, such as children or pets, will not receive an electric shock that will endanger them. A home-installed electric fence is often not as well-guarded and could pose a real risk of continuous shock. This poses a risk to anyone touching the fence within the parameter.
  • Timing: It can take quite a while to install an electric fence properly. A professional electric fence installation may take a lot less time than an installation performed by an untrained person. This means that the electric fence will be operational in a lot less time.
  • Combination with Other Security Measures: Nowadays, electric fences are no longer installed in isolation. They are often connected to other security measures to increase their effectivity, such as alarms, lighting, and certain automated responses. CCTV can also be connected to your electric fence installation in order to pinpoint the exact point of breach and record any activity in that area. Only professionals will know how to do this effectively. This means that if you want your electric fence to be optimised, your electric fence installation can only be done by a professional.

If you are considering getting an electric fence, do not fall into the trap of saving some money by doing it yourself! If you employ the services of an electrical fence installation professional, you can rest assured that it will work much better, especially if other security solutions are attached to your fencing. If you need some highly effective professionals to perform your electric fence installation, please call our team at Tandem Security Systems, and we will help you to optimise your security solutions!