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Why You Need CCTV Systems If You Live in Gauteng

The current crime rate in South Africa is worrying – it seems that nothing and nobody are safe from some form of crime. Gauteng, in particular, is an area of deep concern to people living and working there. Businesses are targeted all the time, and most people now realise that it is necessary to invest in security systems that will keep their families, possessions, properties and businesses safe at all times.

Since the advent of CCTV, the quality and functionality of the systems in Gauteng, and generally throughout the country, have increased exponentially. It is almost unimaginable not to have a good security system that includes CCTV on your property. CCTV is also no longer just associated with visual recordings; it has become a lot more sophisticated and can be combined with other security options to form a comprehensive security system that can perform many functions at the same time.

CCTV now does much more than just monitor the property – good systems can be connected to facial recognition software and alarms, and can also carry out certain functions in certain situations. This means that if, for instance, your perimeter is breached, an automatic message will be sent to the security responders and police. If a fire breaks out, the correct people can also be notified by the system. This means that you are no longer dependent on the employment of security guards around the clock, and that human error is removed from the equation.

Because recordings are no longer on tape, and they are now done in digital format, they can be stored in many different locations, which include a cloud system. This means that vast amounts of data can be stored, and that tapes do not have to be erased to make space new recordings. Having access to historic recordings – even from years ago – may be more necessary than we realise, and having the luxury to store all recordings and being able to access them when needed is incredible useful. They can be used as evidence in court, for insurance purposes, for disciplinary reasons, and even for quality control in areas where humans cannot safety operate.

Another reason to invest in CCTV systems in Gauteng is the visual deterrent that it provides. People are much less likely to commit a crime if there is visible evidence that they may be caught on CCTV. This means that even just having a CCTV system installed in a visible area will deter people from unlawfully accessing that area or property, or from committing an unlawful act.

Modern CCTV systems in Gauteng can be combined with so many different components that form a holistic security solution. They can also be connected to the internet, where the footage can be viewed or certain factors controlled remotely. This means that you can keep an eye on your property and assets, or even your children at home, with your smartphone or tablet, wherever you are!

If you want to find out more about how CCTV systems in Gauteng can provide you with the security you need, give our team at Tandem Security Systems a call today.

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